Wiimote Whiteboard Testing

In keeping with the theme of every post being out of order, here are some videos of the near beginning of the touch table building process.  I say “near” because I first built an MTmini as a test.  I later found a whole bunch of information about people using Wii remotes as cameras in order to use any surface/screen as a “whiteboard”.  I built an IR pen (IR LED + a battery in a permanent marker casing) and bought a Wiimote and a Bluetooth adapter.  I had already seen the actual multi-touch implementations at NUI Group and wanted to build one, but I was hoping to include the Wiimote Whiteboard concept.

Experimenting with Google Earth and Solitaire using Wiimote Whiteboard

This video is dark and poorly recorded, but you can see the LCD components before they went in the table.  If you look closely, you can also see the aluminum foil left over from my Romeo’s Pizza dinner.  Printer paper is used as a diffuser layer.  Also, Crayon Physics is an AMAZING game, with or without a pen.

Testing Paint

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