Working Multi-Touch Table

After about a year of planning, reading, and breaking things, I finally have a minimally functional table.  There are a ton of issues but it works much better than expected at this point.


  • ~15-17 inch LCD
  • LLP (Laser Light Plane) method, two 10mw 850nm IR lasers from Aixiz via Peau Productions
  • CCV v1.3 (Community Core Vision)
  • PS3 Eye Camera
  • No original back light (currently), 2 fluorescent bulbs/fixtures from Home Depot, 15 watt “Cool White” 4100k
  • AMD Phenom 8650 3-Core (64-bit) 2.3 GHz, 4 GB Ram

Videos of the table, flash demos are from the CCV page at NUI Group:

Blob testing/tracking in CCV, success!

Photo application:
(please pardon my sniffling and commentary…)


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