Touch Screen StarCraft

I am continually finding new apps/games/uses for my table, and I decided to check out an RTS, namely old school StarCraft.  I think I had heard of someone doing this before.  I never played the game very much so it doesn’t matter to me that it is likely impossible to be competitive without a keyboard.  There are a few other issues though, like panning, resolution, and colors in Win7.

With no mouse and only fingers there is no good way to move the map around by “pushing” the edge of the screen.  You can however tap on the map in the bottom left corner.  Resolution is also an issue as StarCraft only ever ran in 640×480.  I suppose it is only an issue because I haven’t found a launcher that supports windowing and changing resolution.  Currently I’m using “Chaos” if I want to window it.  There is also an issue with the colors on the loading and splash screens in Windows 7, but that is solvable by leaving the windows display settings panel open before launching the game (yes, this is a silly fix but the only one I found that actually works).