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Windows 7 Multi Touch HID Driver

My homemade touch table is working very well now, and I got the Win7 HID driver from to work correctly.  I changed some general settings in Windows to make it more usable with a less precise pointer like increasing the window button size, showing large icons everywhere, and setting everything to single-click instead of double.

I am surprised at how many things in Win7 natively support multi touch gestures.  I know the OS is supposed to, but I didn’t expect it to be as integrated.  These are things I have discovered so far:

-explorer windows support pinching – icons shrink to list and expand to tiles or large
-Windows Photo Viewer supports pinching, panning, and rotating
-panning works in explorer windows

FireFox seems to be the best for multi touch so far.  IE has support, and it can be added to Chrome, but FireFox does a better job and it is actually fun to browse the web this way on my table.  Here is a video showing the HID driver in action, and mostly demonstrating the gestures built into Windows Photo Viewer:

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