LCD Back Light Revival

I finally got tired of my main PC monitor flickering and turning off on me. I decided to open it up and see what the problem was. I suspected bad capacitors, because that is a cause for the symptoms it was experiencing. The screen would “flicker” when first turned on, until it would reach a point that the back light would shut off, but the power would remain on (I could tell because the power light would remain on). Turning the screen off, and back on AGAIN would make it show for a few seconds and shut off once again.  This would go on for about five minutes, after which the screen and back light would both become available and turn on correctly.  So, I pulled the inverter board to take a look.

This is the inverter board from my poor broken Samsung 216BW.

When inspected a little more closely, the problem is as expected and pretty obvious (if you know what to look for).  Puffy, leaky capacitors.  Seriously leaky.

So, it was time to order some parts and bust out the soldering iron.  These kind of capacitors are “Low ESR Electrolytic”.  They can be ordered from places like Parts Express or MCM Electronics, but I got mine from eBay.

Other points of interest:

  • ***BE CAREFUL HANDLING POWER/INVERTER BOARDS***, don’t touch the leads on the giant cap or any other parts that you aren’t sure about.
  • These kinds of capacitors ARE directional, take note of which way they were facing before you remove them (unless the board is marked).  The negative side of the caps are labeled as such.
  • When removing the bad caps, don’t rip them off the board, use the soldering iron on the back side while pulling on the front, one leg at a time if necessary.

Inverter board after repair, with good flat-topped capacitors:

Success!  This did in fact fix my monitor, good as new! Here is a video of the repair process: