Half-QWERTY (Mirrored) Keyboard

Finally getting around to posting this… a while ago I started work on a “half QWERTY” keyboard or “mirrored” keyboard script.  The script makes the left half of the keyboard equal the right half of the keyboard when the space bar is held down (instead of just pressed).  The idea eventually evolved and I added a few more functions for convenience such as WASD arrow keys, WASD mouse control (basic), and script on/off control.  It’s necessary to be able to turn the script on and off because as a consequence of using the space bar as the modifier for all the keys, there is small delay on some characters that causes problems when typing two-handed.  It is surprisingly easier than expected to learn how to type this way, and in fact it is almost normal.  A few runs through a typing tutor like Mavis Beacon helps a lot though.

Side note, one of the keys in the script calls an application named “Everything”.  Everything is a replacement for windows search.  In Everything, you just start typing the name of what you are looking for and it narrows down the search as you type.  There is no search time, and no index time.  I think it is a brilliant application and it can be downloaded here if you’re interested:  http://www.voidtools.com/

The script was made using AutoHotkey (specifically AutoHotkey_L) and the SciTE4AutoHotkey editor.

*Updates 3/1/15*

-I have relocated the hqwerty6.zip file to my personal site.  It can be downloaded here:

-AutoHotKey_L appears to be the main branch of AutoHotKey now according to its page on GitHub:

-I have created a GitHub repository for the Half-QWERTY project here:

-The AutoHotkey website has moved to:

-The SciTE4AutoHotkey website has moved to:

List of keys and corresponding functions: