Final Touch Screen Video

The project is complete!  This may be the last post regarding the touch screen, though it is possible that someday it will get its own mini ITX board.

Also, there was an article about a partnership between AMD and BlueStacks that is making Android apps available on the PC (if you have an AMD chip).  I downloaded one and in its menu there was an option to enable multitouch.

Link to Article
Link to Android Apps Through AMD

Video Sections:

Hardware (off), Hardware (on), CCV Tracking, CCV Calibration, World of Goo,
Piano Flash App, Solitaire, Plants vs Zombies, Fire Flash App, Paint, Paint Flash App, Microsoft Surface Globe, Spore Creature Creator, Cooliris, Photo Flash App, Lemmings (Lemmix), Bejewled, BumpTop, Microsoft Surface Collage, Microsoft Surface Lagoon