Rocco – A Hexapod Robot

For a few years now I have been seeing hexapod robots show up on sites like Hack-A-Day and in my search results.  Some are custom, built from scratch robots made with wood, or professionally cut aluminum, and others are kits that can be bought and assembled from RC/Hobby shops and robotics web sites.

Here are some custom examples:

Here is a kit example from Lynxmotion:

I was successfully avoiding building my own hexapod until I saw one with a Leap Motion controller.  I haven’t had a lot of interest in touch and gesture technologies lately, but this is the perfect use for a gesture detecting controller like the leap motion:

So, armed with more ideas and questions than anything else, I set out to build my own hexapod robot named Rocco, and I will document the project here.  I am catching up on documentation, and a lot of work has already been done.  I will make separate blog posts for different project components.

You can find the code, current issues, and other project documentation on GitHub here:

I designed the robot in Tinkercad with the idea of cutting out all the pieces from plexiglass by hand.  The model is available here:

The initial concept model is also on Tinkercad: