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Vuforia Image Tracking on HoloLens 2 for Robot Controls (Test / WIP)

A test mashup of Vuforia Image Tracking on HoloLens 2 using Unity with “clipboard bound” MRTK buttons. The buttons control a custom hexapod robot (Rocco) via serial commands over Bluetooth. It’s great on PC but slow on lens. I bet there are options within Vuforia, or it needs interpolation for this use case. Pardon his…

Hand Tracking as Controller Input for HoloLens 2

Hand tracking as fake controller input for automatic grab using MRTK. This is an experimental adaptation of Earnest Robot’s “Auto Hand – VR” on the Unity asset store and its XR demo scene. Can’t wait to see multiplayer carnival games at virtual conference networking events!

Handsfree Omnidirectional VR Motorcycle Simulation

A prototype handsfree SteamVR simulation created in Unity for testing weight distribution and wearability of custom VR helmet(s). The user controls the speed and direction of a virtual motorcycle using the gyroscopic sensor in a Vive VR headset or cell phone via RiftCat. Developed for and in collaboration with Cyreana Foulk and Chris Foulk.