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Handsfree Omnidirectional VR Motorcycle Simulation

A prototype handsfree SteamVR simulation created in Unity for testing weight distribution and wearability of custom VR helmet(s). The user controls the speed and direction of a virtual motorcycle using the gyroscopic sensor in a Vive VR headset or cell phone via RiftCat. Developed for and in collaboration with Cyreana Foulk and Chris Foulk.

Interactive Holographic Running Water Prototype

A prototype demonstration of physics based running water with hand interaction in Unity on HoloLens 2 using the Screen Space Fluids (SSF) asset (particle system + compute shader).

Leap Motion (Ultraleap) – Unity Hands

Testing Leap Motion controller for hand tracking and hand physics inside the Unity editor (play mode). Deploying to HoloLens 2 takes a few minutes each time and a specific process to prevent errors. Less deployments is better, especially if you just want to tweak something small. Unity 2018.4.24f1(2019.3.15f1 works too) MRTK v2.4 + Hand Physics […]